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Welcome to Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop, a farrier and blacksmith supply located in Missouri. We specialize in a variety of horseshoes, farrier tools, nails and forging equipment designed for the professional farrier and blacksmith. We are proud to carry a wide range of quality brands such as Kerckhaert, Liberty, Capewell, Delta, St. Croix, Bellota Rasps and Bloom Forge Tools. Our staff works hard every day to exceed your expectations for product selection, availability, service and delivery speed. Shop online, visit us in store or call (800) 336-8569 for personalized service. Order before noon and we will ship the same day.


*Excludes Anvils, Forges and Grinders and applies only to orders shipped within the continental US.

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  • Spanish Lake Blacksmith is a Blacksmith and Farrier supply business that caters to the Professional. We will always encourage horse owners to employ experienced, trained professional farriers and veterinarians for the care of their horse’s feet. While it is tempting for a horse owner to believe they can trim and shoe their own horses, this can be very dangerous for both the horse and the owner. In the information age we live in (videos, articles, YouTube) everything looks much easier than it is. Professional farriers spend many years sharpening their skills. They go to school, apprentice, gain certifications and attend many continuing education seminars and clinics. We should all respect how they have earned their designation as a Professional Farrier.

    A horse owner can do the following things to make sure it is safe for a professional farrier to do work on their horse:
    • Train the horse to stand well
    • Have a clean and dry place to work
    • Teach the horse manners
    • Have regularly scheduled hoof care

    If a horse owner does their part and is willing to pay a fair price for the work, the professional farrier will serve the hoof care needs of the horse. The owner will be safe and the horse will remain sound.

    All horses deserve this level of care.