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Vulcan RM

The Vulcan RM is a fullered, roller motion shoe that is available in front and hind patterns.  This is a good choice for Western Performance horses and trail horses where traction and easy breakover or required.

Thoro'Bred Lite Champion II

The Lite Champion II Hunter-Jumper has these features; countersunk nail head pockets, a broader toe area and a wider sole relief.

How to adequately price you work
Farrier Price Worksheet

Select the link above to view and download our Farrier Price Worksheet. The sheet allows you to enter the maximum number of horses you shoe each month, followed by your business and household expenses. Formulas throughout the worksheet calculate how much you must charge per horse to cover all expenses and make a profit for the business. The price per horse will change depending on the total expenses and the number of horses you enter into the worksheet. Pop up explanations help guide you through the process.


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